Thursday, November 28, 2013

2nd First Post...

Hello everyone! If any of y'all noticed, you will see that I haven't blogged in about 2 or 3 years... and in that 2-3 year span, I have changed some, more like a lot actually, so I decided to remove the few posts I created from when I was a 14 year old freshman and start over as a 16 year old junior. I decided to just change them to drafts instead of deleting them so I can always look back at how I have changed. So just to let y'all know, I am not good at writing or talking about myself to others so when you read my posts they might be weird or whatever so just a heads up. Because of that I am not really sure what to write right now haha. I think I'll just start with what's currently happening/on my mind. Well to start off, today (technically yesterday because it's past midnight now but oh well...) is Thanksgiving and I had a wonderful time hanging out with all of my family today and I hope it was the same for y'all as well! Also the reason why I am up this late/early is because of black Friday, but it isn't because I am out shopping and stuff but it's because one of my cousins (recently my cousin and her husband moved in with us) is working tonight and doesn't get off until 4:30 in the morning and the other day she was telling us how none of us are going to be up when she gets home and I told her I will, which she responded back saying she doubted it... so here I am sitting on my bed writing this while trying to keep my eyes open until then. So I think this is all I am going to post for tonight but once I get some sleep and stuff I might tell y'all the things that have currently been going on my junior year. Which by the way has been the most stressful and confusing year yet and it has barely even started! So expect a blog post either tomorrow/today or Saturday. :)
Also do you think I should keep this blog going or just delete it? I am not sure what I should do. Please help!
Happy Thanksgiving! :)